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[IP] manuel oldrati

Benvenutto Manuel

Mi chiama  Sara. I have had a minimed pump for 6 years.  The other kind is
Disetronic, which are made in Switzerland and may be more available in Italy

Congratulations on the improvement to your hbA1c's

What is an "imprenditor "
and I speak a little italian but have no idea what " 2 or3 time pèro weach
exercise." means

I lov emy minimed pump as much as the next person will tell you they love
their disetronic pump.  Even though I have a minimed, it might make more sense
for you to have a Disetronic one since you are closer to the
manufacturer...though I am sure Minimed has a presence in Europe - I htink
they have an office in Paris and another in London...have you checked their
web pages which you can access fromthe InsulinPumpers home page?

buona fortuna!


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