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[IP] new glasses

Hey Nancy:

Yes - screwy bg numbers can lead to inaccurate eye exams...When I was running
real tight...back in those days when I first got on the pump and I was
shooting for that 80-120, I had to reschedule two appointments that I waited
weeks to get because i was unable to go in there with a consistent 24 hour bg

what works fo rme usually is to raise my bar from the usual 100-150 that I now
aim for to say 100-180 for 3 days before the eye exam...this way I am less
likely to have to over compensate for any highs and lows and cause another
roller coaster.  

> I have felt like I can not seen as well as I normally have for the last 
> two weeks.  I have worn glasses for years.  

your prescriptoin may change over time...maybe your blood sugars have always
been a little "off" and now that you are in better control your eyes are
stabillizing and you are find ing out your prescription no longer workds for

>  One eye guy said he would not give me an exam because I was 230 
> when I woke up(pre pump days).

I also try to schedule exams if at all possible at the end of the day...allows
me to leave work early and not have to get up earlier, but more importantly,
it allows me to correct any nightitme swings...I may wake up at 220, but if I
can run 100-150 for the 8 hours prior, I know I can be assured of a relatively
accuate exam.

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