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Re: [IP] new glasses

> HI,
> I have felt like I can not seen as well as I normally have for the
> last two weeks.  I have worn glasses for years.  But I was wondering
> this question....
> Do I have to have my sugars under "tight" control for several days
> to get a good reading or not?   I have had constant blurry vision,
> but have been running "goofy" numbers these last two days from a
> monthly "female occurance".  :-)  So I was wondering if I would get
> an accurate eye test if I went in tomorrow.

My  15 year old reports that her vision is blurry when her bg's are 
high. She otherwise has good eyes. I would deduce from her comments 
that you probably can not get a good eye test unless your bg's have 
been under good control for at least the 12+ hours prior to the eye 
examine. Just a guess on my part.

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