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[IP] Significance of A1C

Hello all:

I have been following the thread about the meaning of the A1C and whether it
is not the a1c, but the consistency of relatively normal bgs that prevents
complications.  I sent some of the comments to my RN MS CDE and she says
(for what its worth):

" that the chief way complications are caused is by glycosylation of
proteins.  A1c is an index of glycosylation and indicates how much of the
time the blood sugar is up and exposing proteins in the body to the
glycosylation, so A1c really is an index of control.  What the endo [on the
list]  may have been talking about is that some people get those low A1c's
by having a lot of really low blood sugars, which is not a healthy way to do
that.  [If]  you don't spend a lot of time down around 30 or 40 to get the
A1c down (and followed by a whopping rebound) . . .  [you]  can view your
A1c as a good index of control.  Also looking at your average blood sugars
on your meter gives you another idea of how you're doing."

I also asked my endo about all this and will pass on his advice (again, for
whatever its worth) when I get it.


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