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Re: [IP] Trouble admitting problems


Yes, that is exactly the attitude I have about my condition.  I've been 
Type I for 20+ years.  I am just thankful that I have a disease that I 
have some control over.  I see many people out there far worse off than 
myself. There are no guarantees, after all.  I don't think anyone can 
get through life completely trouble-free---be it physically, 
mentally....whatever.  We all have our challenges to face.

I think having diabetes from a young age helped me to cope. I accept it 
and I'm just glad I can still be independent and self-supporting.  I 
don't really remember what life was like before diabetes; it's just 
something I've always had to deal with.  


>From: Stacey Phillips <email @ redacted>
<<I can face the world more or less pain free.  Be lucky for what you
have because tomorrow you never know.  Enjoy it and SMILE.>>

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