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[IP] tubing

hi folks,
I have a question for the more experienced pumpers. 
Due to still unresolved insurance problems, my 2 kids that started on
disetronic insulin pumps are running out of supplies!
We have been using the same tubing set for an entire week , only changing the
catheter 2x a week. We use tenders. 
How long can we safely use a tubing set ? I only have 5 complete sets left and
10 catheters (insertion sets). Any body tried using a tubing for 2 weeks?
I've already called our disetronic rep who generously (<g>) sent us all of 5
complete sets and 5 cathters .Imagine how long that lasted with 2 pumpers and
sets falling out by 2nd day.  Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers
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