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Re: [IP] Trouble admitting problems "doing" DM or hearing about people having...

I have been reading all of the posts about life with diabetes.  I
agree with some and have a problem with others.  I have had diabetes
for 13 years.  There are days that I feel down but it has a variety of
reasons.  If you let a condition like diabetes ruin you than take a
look at those people to whom are dying of cancer ( a painful death),
or have been burned by fire  and have to go through a daily painful
recovery.  My father has Multiple Schlorsis and he can no longer walk
or feed himself and he has muscle spasms that are so bad that he cries
out in pain.  Let me tell you, to see him like that and to know that
there is no hope for a cure for him breaks my heart.  If he could take
a needle or two per day that would enable him to get up and walk and
to have a "normal" life - he would.  Pretty soon my dad will have to
be put in a nursing home because the care for him is getting too
much.  Atleast, diabetics can live a active life and live at home.
Watching your diet and taking a needle is NOT the end of the world.
Take a look at the real world.  We have no insurance either but we
make due.  We are a one income family with two young children and it
does get difficult at times but I am alive and able to enjoy the
things around me.  I know that I will wake up in the morning and  that
I can face the world more or less pain free.  Be lucky for what you
have because tomorrow you never know.  Enjoy it and SMILE.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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