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Re: [IP] A1C question

Ellen the A1C reflects a weighted average of your BGs over the previous
month or two.  It is weighted toward the higher values of BG, in a ratio of
6-8 to 1.  It is very useful for diabetes management, because it provides
this average.  It reflects your BG much better than individual BG
measurements, because we only test a few times each day.   You could
calculte your A1C only if you made continuos BG measurement throughout the
day, something we currently can't do---maybe when that continuous BG meter
that has been just around the corner for the last 20 years arrives, we'lll
be able to do that.
No one can concentrate on the A1C--the only way to lower the A1c is to
lower the BG.  The lower the A1c , the lower the BG, and vice versa.
They're linked.  If you have an a1c of 6.0, you can't do much better than
that.  I can't believe that a few daily highs for short periods will cause
problems.  Lots of normals have short highs.  My A1C last ti me was also
6.1, and I'm happy as a clam.  My slight neuropathy is much improved from
when the a1c was 8, and it seems to be getting better still.   This is what
the DCCt showed.

<<<<<<Hello pumpers.  I'd like your thoughts on this.  An endo talked at
our last
support group meeting and said that if your a1c was 6 or 10 and your bgs go up
and down, then the a1c result is irrelevant.  I was surprised by this
statement because I thought the DCCT showed that a low a1c prevented
complications.  According to this endo, it is NOT the low a1c, but the
consistency of relatively normal bgs.  If this is indeed the case, then why
are most endos (mine for one) only interested in that a1c result and not very
interested in those day to day bgs.  The endos and we should be concentrating
on the bgs and NOT the a1c.  Again, if this is true, then the a1c is not very
important in the BIG picture.  I want to prevent those complications and my
a1c is good at 6.0, but I do have alot of fluctuation from exercise.  Am I
just as likely to have the complications as someone with an a1c of 10.0?

* Wayne *

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