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[IP] Re: Non-member submission from "John Neale"

John, Your might depend partly on why your sites are saying change me.  It
is not clear that the scarring after you remove a catheter is the problem,
since you don't know the site will scar till you remove the catheter.  Are
you getting too many highs that won't respond to repeated boluses?  Is this
site getting physically sore? Does it hurt?  Is there a "tunneling"
problem?  Is the site red while the catheter is still in?
  I'm actually undergoing the opposite, i.e., I seem to be able to go
longer per site on straight H.  I'm not sure why, but I'm sure not
complaining to anyone yet.  :-)  I hope you figure out what it is for you.
I can't see how using a different infusion set would make a difference.  I
have noticed, however, that when my sets are exposed to a lot of physical
movement, like on my butt, they don't last as long as when they're kept
protected.  Are you doing more physical activity lately?  I know some of
those Italian operas can get quite frisky :-)

<<<<<<<<I'm experiencing a few problems which I'm trying to resolve at the
moment. I'm lucky if I get 2 days from a site before the site says
"change me". I used to get 4 or 5 days with straight Humalog, no
trouble. I'm happy to change every 2 days, but the problem is that
even then there is a slight scarring at the site which doesn't seem
to heal for at least a few weeks. I'm otherwise in excellent health,
and a quick "healer". There appears to be no infection - just an
unwillingness to heal up and go away.

Being logically inclined, I'm working through all the options in strict
order, one at a time:
1) Better site preparation
2) Insulin mix
3) Straight Velosulin
4) Different infusion set
5) Change daily

My next test is to go straight Velosulin. If that solves the problem
(as I suspect it might), I could be facing a pump for my basal
insulin, and a Humalog pen for my pre-meal shots. I'm an impulsive
eater, and waiting 30 minutes is out of the question :-/ I personally
would be happy with that compromise.

Any more suggestions anyone would add to my list?

* Wayne *

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