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Re: : [IP] Trouble with diabetes/venting

    As some of you know, 3 wks after Melissa's kidney biopsy, I was diagnosed
with breast cancer. Since I no longer work outside of the home (former
teacher), my "dual advocacy" (D & BC) on-line has become my "non-paying"
teaching job...and certainly more rewarding!!!  The exact same kind of support
you're finding here for psychological/emotional/family support etc. issues is
what keeps so many of my fellow "survivors" active in the AOL BC message
board, and what keeps me here also, as an ardent pump proponent.  Someone
tried to tell me today that pumps aren't widely promoted by doctors because
the research shows they don't really impact on control. After I stopped
sputtering, I told her that was NOT my experience at all, but even if the A1Cs
remained the same, the "quality of life" issues are paramount in living with
D. 24/7.  I also reiterated my belief that 95% of living with D. is about the
psychological/social etc issues & 5% is the pure mechanics of it.....and the
paradox is that a doctor's visit usually ONLY addresses that 5% & far too
often in a disapproving way. So much for today's "soapbox"!!!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom & pump "consultant" on retainer!!!)
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