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Re: [IP] Any Advice on Pump Breakage/Loss Insurance?

I have my pump listed on a "Scheduled Personal Property Policy".  I listed it
under the fine arts coverage on my Nationwide Insurance Policy (I am an agent
for Nationwide).  This is a seperate policy from your homeowners policy.  I
listed the serial numbers of my 2 D pumps in the description.  I have a zero
deductible, all risk coverage including breakage and the cost is $35.00
annually.  I live in Memphis, TN so if you live in a different state your annual
premium may be different(as with all other insurance - premiums vary state by
state).  You will have to give your agent a copy of the bill of sale that has to
be dated within the last two years.  If you got your pump over 2 years ago call
D or MM & have them send you something showing the value.  It will have a
current date and should be sufficient proof.  Your supplies will not be covered.
Hope this helps.

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