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[IP] visual impairment and pumping

I was wondering if anyone out there is visually impaired and can offer me some advice on pumping.
At the moment I am partially sighted and considering going on a pump
(Minimed 506) - for that read "I really want to do this more than
anything else if I possibly can, dependent on finances, doctors'
approval etc. etc".

I can't read small print but I think I should be OK reading the
numbers etc. on the pump (I can use a magnifier if necessary),
although this might be a problem in the future. I'm a
bit concerned about not being able to see air bubbles in the tube
though, or spot problems with the site such as infection. Chances are
my sight will get worse but hopefully using the pump and getting my BG
into better control might prevent that. I live alone (to all intents
and purposes) so don't have anyone to help me visually.


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