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[IP] Trouble with diabetes

I'm starting to feel really lucky that I grew up in a family that was familiar
with diabetes.  When I was growing up my grandmother was an insulin dependent
diabetic (dx'd Type 2), she acted as if it were nothing just something she had
to do.  Note:  She didn't do everything you are told to do.  When she gave her
shots she never hid it from any of us.  all of her grandchildren have seen it. 
I figured sometime in my life I would get diabetes but figured it would be much
later.  (You always think your parents will get it first)  On my Dad's side of
the family my uncle had IDDM (Type 1) He always gave his shots in front of us
too.  Somehow we always thought his was worse.  My Dad was dx'd several years
ago (Type 2) and has finally had to take insulin.  When I was put on insulin my
parents were here visiting.  It made it so much easier with my mom and dad there
to make sure I had the right dose (mom is a Home Health Nurse) and to administer
it right.  However my husband was a little over anxious about helping. I think
he felt left out.   For the first month or 2 I wouldn't even test my blood or
give my shot in front of him.  There was something about him not being exposed
to it before that bothered me.  He still wants to help but I have a hard time
letting him draw up my shot (soon that won't be a problem because my pump will
be here yea!)  I know he should probably know how, in case Im sick or something,
but it still bothers me.    I know my Dad understand exactly how I feel and what
I am going through.  Now I know what he is feeling too.  My mom and husband are
very supportive and for that I am grateful but they may never know what it is
really like to live with DM. 

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