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Re: : [IP] Trouble with diabetes

Julie,  I agree with you.  I had a similar experience with my mom.  I, too,
love my mom dearly and consider her my best friend, BUT, when I was a
teenager, she was the enemy.  She was not as controlling as your Mom, but I
just resented her involvement.  I realize it was my weakness, but she should
have let go sooner and let me take charge.  I also had a dr. who talked only
to my mother and I hated him.  Unfortunately, I was not as aggressive as you
at that time.  I got D in 1960 and the tmt. was pretty primitive.  I figured
out at about 11 (2 years after diagnosis) that the effort I was putting in was
for naught.  I was still being blamed for my bad control.  By the time I
became a teenager, I quit trying and quit listening to my Mom.  I actually
think my Mom did just about everything she could to support me, but the drs.
and the tmt. were poor at best.  I had to figure out for myself that my care
was up to me and there is no perfect control out there.  For some reason, I
was not told this.  I think Diane understands this and will allow her daughter
more autonomy as she gets more confident, but I agree that to just go on your
own without much independence while at home is a mistake.  Making those
mistakes while still at home with a supportive family is a much better way to
learn.  ellen
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