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Re: [[IP] Trouble with diabetes]

denise poole wrote:
> I have 3 sons, my oldest
> unfortunetly developed dm at 15 yrs of age.So I not only deal with my illness
> I feel guilty he has this disease also.

You had exactly NO control over the genetic lottery that predisposed him
to diabetes!! Only feel guilty about things you have control over. Look
at how many parents with no DM in their family have kids with DM. And
how many DM parents have children who escape. 

Also remember that no one's perfect, and most people have disorders of
some kind or another, most of which you don't even see. So everyone else
LOOKS perfectly healthy, but they may not be.

Third, if you ask your son, maybe he prefers to have a life, even WITH
DM, than no life at all. 

> I don't feel like anyone who doesn't
> have this disease really understands what a burden it is to live with.I
> actually think they get sick of hearing about it sometimes.

You're probably right about the general public -- even our close friends
truly don't understand. Parents and spouses probably understand a little
better -- because they watch us go through it. 

But in the end, we are each of us alone -- again, not just with DM but a
myriad of other problems -- so we just have to try to be supportive of
each other, because that's all we can do!

Hang in there, girl! 


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