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[IP] ADHD/Pump

Robin, Thanks for writing. It's a comfort to know there is someone else out
there with a child who had ADHD and diabetes. My son takes Ritalin for his
ADHD. Now that he will be going on the pump , probably within a month  or
two, I am concerned how this is gong to affect him in so many ways. Will he
forget to give himself a bolus when he is about to eat lunch at school?,
Will he forget many of the things you need to do because of his
distractability. How about you: do you have to remind your son to test and
to write his readings in the log book?
The times we have to remind Ryan to test is when he gets so excited going
to a friend's house, he'd walk out the door without his kit. We also have
to remind him in the am, when he gets up. He gets involved in tv, or
reading the sports page, etc. and a 1/2 hour goes by before he'd think
about testing. Keep in touch, Susan Leahey

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