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Changing doctors, was: Re: [IP] my expectations

Carol wrote: 
You know you need to change doctors if...
> 1. his office doesn't return your call
> 2. you print out your readings that you've spent hours preparing and he just
> glances at it
> 3. you keep having problems and he refers you to his dietican or nurse(why am
> i paying him if I'm getting answers from them)
> 4. he will not answer any question that does not specifically refer directly
> to the diabetes but says you'll have to see your GP about that
> Does anyone else have anything to add to my list?

If he / she changes careers.

I recently received a "Dear Patient" letter from my internist's practice. My
doc, who had been my primary  physician as well as my diabetes specialist for
the past 20 years (meaning "sole care provider"), made a career change. He
accepted a position as VP / Medical Director for a local hospital-health care
facility. It was a wonderful move for him, but a bit crushing for me.

Due to screw ups in the mail delivery, I received the letter a month after the
fact. Fortunately, I had just started to see a health care team at the local
Joslin Center (thanks Scooter, for the referral). The new team includes an
Endo, CDE and Dietitian. All the members of the team listen, ask questions,
seek my input and truly value my lifetime of experience managing my health.

I'm not sure what made me start shopping for a new team several months in
advance of my "old" doc's decision, but I'm glad I did. Maybe it was a
premonition. I've long been an advocate of trying to keep a team "waiting in
the wings". I try to follow the changes in local health care teams - new
arrivals, departures, etc. This is not always easy or possible - it takes real
effort. I'm one of the most stubborn people I know, but I'm glad I did this.

I know that I need to start shopping for my "next team" now, just in case ...

Bob Burnett

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