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[IP] my expectations

Well, I started the velosulin on Sunday, I was using straight humalog in the pump since 11/97. My expectations on the velosulin are to have stable readings that don't roller coaster every single day. Is this too much to expect of the insulin and the pump. In the past I have experienced several months of unexplained highs then lows, recently I have been testing my bg readings every 2-3 hours during the day just to try and remain below 200 and above 70.  Can some of you other pumpers tell me do you have readings that remain level? Am I expecting too much?
And now a word about doctors
You know you need to change doctors if...
1. his office doesn't return your call
2. you print out your readings that you've spent hours preparing and he just glances at it
3. you keep having problems and he refers you to his dietican or nurse(why am i paying him if I'm getting answers from them)
4. he will not answer any question that does not specifically refer directly to the diabetes but says you'll have to see your GP about that
Does anyone else have anything to add to my list?