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Re: : [IP] Trouble with diabetes/venting

In a message dated 3/14/99 11:55:50 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted

<< So I guess she doesn't want to eat with me and she'd afraid to be around me
 because I have DM? She doesn't want to see me stick myself? (I never have in
 front of her.) You think that's why I haven't seen her for three years? And
 she wonders why I don't call much any more? 
 Funny. Dad was just DX'd in December ...


	OMG!!!!  I thought I was reading the story of our family in what you wrote!
When my first son was dx'd 3 years ago, we had the same "cold" reception from
my in-laws.  They stopped inviting us for holidays, and have only seen the
grandchildren a handful of times in those 3 years.  They used to see them
pretty much every week or every other week and we used to spend every holiday
together.  My mother passed away 9 years ago and I always considered my in-
laws to be my second family until Steven was dx'd and they showed their true
colors.  My mother in law told us that it upset her too much to watch Steven
do fingersticks, take his shots or only eat certain things at certain times.
She also told me that it wasn't "convenient" for my sister in law to be on a
schedule and so she preferred not to invite us anymore.  3 months after
Steve's dx, I became VERY ill and went into respiratory failure and cardiac
arrest.  I spent 3 weeks in the hospital and was on a respirator for almost a
week.  She never came to help her son with 4 children cause she didn't want to
deal with Steven.  My two sisters who are single and work full time took their
vacations from work and came here with THEIR two kids and helped out with 6
kids running around the house.  They learned to give shots, count carbs, and
everything in one crash course and by looking through the log books and food
logs that I kept!  4 months later, my husband (HER son) was out on strike for
5 months during Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the way through till Easter.
Needless to say money was TIGHT.  They STILL would not have us over for a
holiday cause plain out, " It upset her to watch Steven".  Meanwhile Steven
and the rest of us had adapted just fine.  Since then, my other 2 sons have
been dx'd as developing type 1 and take Ultralente to prolong the onset.  I
was dx'd with type 2.  Well now that meant that we were like plague victims to

	As a final note, I guess what goes around comes around, cause both my mother
in law and father in law have since been dx'd with type 2.  They STILL won't
have us over and THEY weren't the ones to tell us they had it......My sister
in law told us!  As far as they're concerned, WE still don't know about them!
Can you imagine?  My MIL has a hard time admitting when she's wrong, can you
tell?  I used to be bitter about how she pulled away from my kids when they
should have been able to count on her for support,  but now I feel sorry for
her cause SHE'S missing out on 4 wonderful, bright, beautiful kids!!  You know
as the old saying goes....She cut off her nose to spite her face!  And that's
the truth here for sure.  There's more to the story, but I didn't want to drag
this post on forever, just suffice it to say that this is it in a nutshell,
and there are more of us in your same situation out there.  I can surely feel
for you how awful it is to be rejected by your own family when you really need
them the most.   I feel as though this group has given me a lot of strength
since I've joined.....THANKS!   I feel so much better just getting this out to
someone who understands.

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