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[IP] Trouble with diabetes

Julie -

you are right.  An overly involved or overly dominant mom can be a problem.
 And I will always worry about that.  In fact, I have heard of many who
rebelled against a mom who ran their diabetes.  And the final verdict for
Lauren and me is not yet in.

Lauren does all of her boluses and is responsible for testing most of the
time (and on occasion she asks me to help get the BGs test stuff together.)
 I still figure basals but she is learning what I am looking at.  If
intense testing is necessary, then I get heavily involved doing the testing
at night.  I am also bound and determined for Lauren not to have a scary
experience at night.  She knows that and appreciates me testing her in the
middle of the night, if her bgs are doing questionable things.

I hope that the pump will offset the need to rebel with food.  Lauren eats
as any teenager does...(awful) and control is a lot easier with the
pump.... I don't see as many teen pumpers seriously rebelling...maybe
neglecting but not outright rebelling.  Do I need a dose of reality here?

I am bracing for the future.... I have some experience... I have a 16 yo
daughter also.  I do not know the answer, but I chose to err on the side of

Diane Massey

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