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[IP] the trouble with Diabetes

Diane Your daughter sounds very lucky to have such a caring family. I
feel I must correct something through. No one, I hope, is advocating
abandonment for your child. I don't think the medical profession is
either. However Diabetes in not exactly like raising a child, as you
have portrayed it . I am sure we each have had some exposure to child
rearing, through our family or even through the media. This is seldom
true of Diabetes. I can tell from experience that it is a very personal
disease that must be handle immediately from the beginning. The diabetic
must learn to do for themselves early on in their lives. This does not
mean in a vacuum or without support from you. It will however make her
future better if she is able to test her own blood and take her own
shots. The understanding of these is crucial to a better life for her.
This is a very important part of being and growing as a young adult, as
well as , a young adult with diabetes. It will give her trust in
herself, if she feels your trust for her abilities. It has been my
experience with youngsters, they feel good about themselves through
their own stumbling, as well as, accomplishments. They learn to continue
because they have stood up on their own after stumbling. The only thing
I had to do was say it was a good thing and let them know I always knew
they could. Having faith in someone is a far greater gift to them, then
saying let me do it for you. Think of the times you won't be there with
her. She can trust her own judgment to make the right choices. There are
too many things that will tell her she was wrong. We must tell her she
can be right, and then she can and will tell herself she is all right. I
hope I don't sound condescending. I feel your heart is in the right
place. Independence doesn't signify being alone. It merely tells the
individual that we have faith in them and we are their to support them.
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