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Re: [[IP] Trouble with diabetes]

This is in regard to dealing with diabetes.When I was finally diagnosed, as I
just turned 14, I had lost 40 lbs almost half of my weight!I knew I was dying
and wondering when a Dr. would figure out what was wrong me.Well as the
Dr.came out of his office yelling to "Get this girl to a hospital!)I was
really scared, I thought I would die right away from diabetes.After a few days
on insulin I.V I started to feel so much better!I could not believe it!Then I
went home and dealt with all the new changes I had to make.For a long time I
didn't give a lot of thought to what this disease was doing to me.Then after
almost 15 yrs almost every complication you can develop came crashing down on
me all at once it seemed!After a yr of being legally disabled I went on the
pump not so much I believe to make me better,but to maybe hopefully keep me
alive and stop any new damage from occurring. I have 3 sons, my oldest
unfortunetly developed dm at 15 yrs of age.So I not only deal with my illness
I feel guilty he has this disease also.I don't feel like anyone who doesn't
have this disease really understands what a burden it is to live with.I
actually think they get sick of hearing about it sometimes.I've heard it
called the "personal disease" because it effects every aspect of your life in
some way.I've always said they don't want to find a cure because so many Drs.
and drug companies make so much money off of us.It kills us slowly, and heck,
its not contagious!I hope I'm wrong!!!If not I won't have to worry about
killing myself, this Dm will take care of everything for me.So to all of those
out there reading this I say, if you are thinking about the pump for
management, Do it!Hopefully it will give you many more years of healthy,
complication free, years of life!

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