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Re: : [IP] Trouble with diabetes/venting

    The comfort level comes from knowing that somewhere in cyberspace, lots of
others with D. are nodding their heads & going "uh-huh" when they read posts
like yours, .....Same reason Melissa grinned ear to ear when she told the cute
young clerk who was filling out her registration paperwork for the 24 hr lab
test that it was for IDDM & he nodded & said "yeah - don't you hate it when
you accidentally pee in the toilet the next day & screw up the whole
test?"....Uh huh, another D. soulmate.....He'd "been there/done that" &
instantly there was a "bond" that good old Mom truly couldn't
appreciate....I'm sorry for your mother's inability to cope with your
diabetes, but am happy that you & the other 1000+ members of this group DO
have a place to share comparable feelings.....

Regards, Renee
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