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Re: : [IP] Trouble with diabetes

At 10:02 PM 3/14/1999 -0600, you wrote:
>Diane wrote:
>	But if you love someone with D, don't
>hesitate to assume some of the burden of the care of diabetes....it is
>possible.  And I think it makes a difference. 
>	....even right down to changing the pump
>for the person or taking the blood sugar readings or keeping the log. 

I was lucky in this since that when i was Dx'd  (mom my being in Nursing)
did not force control on me or demanded that i give her control.

I agree with you that if you love someone with D, be there to help, but
know when to step back and let them do it without questioning if they are
ready to handle it themself.  From the first shot tell now i do it all
myself.  i share my treatment with my parents (which my dad wants so bad to
do it for me, but i refuse him)  i feel that it is my disease and i will
control it.  

I had the option to work at a camp where we helped the kids control it
themself, a few of them that were 10 yrs old had never even drawn up their
own shots. and i have seen 6 yr olds draw it up and give it themself (as
well as decide how much to give, with suppervision ofcourse.

my mainpoint is allow them to take control but be their for support, but
not control. there are going to be time when noone is going to be their to
give the amount they should take or what to do. me before i REALLY got
better control i went threw some hard times but i beleive that made me
stronger, and my parents were there for support and to tell me when i was
over my head and we needed more help (which was usually when we called my
Dr.  or made a trip to the ER.).

Which ever way you decide to help your loved ones deal with this disease  i
wish you the best of control.

Brian Carter
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