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re: [IP] Medic bracelet

Try something like I have on mine from Medic Alert... Diabetes, Insulin
Dependent, (EMT's will notice the pump), Allergic to Sulfa , Penicillin.
They generally wont try to give you Morphine or Codeine in an emergency
situation. Hope it helps.


Maybe some knowledgeable person will be able to help me.  I am having a
bracelet made up.  They will engrave necessary info on it, but there is
amount of space.  I use the pump, am allergic to: Penicillin,Morphine,
& Sulfa.  Need to abbreviate or omit some of this info toget it to fit a
small bracelet.  Can anyone tell me what is important and howto abbreviate
medics would understand.  Appreciate any help I get.  I lovethis group!

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