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Re: [IP] Trouble with diabetes

>  By its very nature, a person with diabetes needs
> a strong and loving support system, even right down to changing the pump
> for the person or taking the blood sugar readings or keeping the log.

Don't I wish!!!!!

But it ain't gonna happen -- I live alone, and my 25-year-old son is in
Seattle, and he'd be too squeamish to do DM chores, anyway!!!!

But actually, I find the chores themselves to be the least of it -- it's
the not feeling well, and constant having to remember to check BGs or
wonder if the funny feelings I'm feeling are a hypo or just funny
feelings, etc. that is difficult. And for that, the best source of
support for me has been the friends I've made on the lists -- at least I
can talk about it!


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