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Sometimes alcohal can increase the scar tissue.  Check your preps.  You
might want to switch to plain old soap and water.   It probably doesn't
have much effect on how long your site will last (that seems to be an issue
of humalog tolerance) but it will have some effect on how fast it heals.
Hand lotion with vitamin e and/or aloe can help speed things up a little
too.  So will good control.  Even so, it should be about a week before a
site is really reusable (entirely) and you're probably better off waiting a
month or more between usages.  This will cut down on the long term (the
ones that start somewhere between 8 and 10 years in) problems.

Good luck!

> I'm experiencing a few problems which I'm trying to resolve at the
> moment. I'm lucky if I get 2 days from a site before the site says
> "change me". I used to get 4 or 5 days with straight Humalog, no
> trouble. I'm happy to change every 2 days, but the problem is that
> even then there is a slight scarring at the site which doesn't seem
> to heal for at least a few weeks. I'm otherwise in excellent health,
> and a quick "healer". There appears to be no infection - just an
> unwillingness to heal up and go away.
> Being logically inclined, I'm working through all the options in strict
> order, one at a time:
> 1) Better site preparation
> 2) Insulin mix
> 3) Straight Velosulin
> 4) Different infusion set
> 5) Change daily
> This choice of order is bound up with how willing I am to change
> what I do.
> I've reinstituted rigourous cleansing. Problem remains.
> I started mixing H & V about 3 weeks ago. A generous 1 part
> Velosulin to 2 parts Humalog. Initially all my problems
> disappeared. Yippee! I thought. Then the problems came back last
> week. :-(
> My next test is to go straight Velosulin. If that solves the problem
> (as I suspect it might), I could be facing a pump for my basal
> insulin, and a Humalog pen for my pre-meal shots. I'm an impulsive
> eater, and waiting 30 minutes is out of the question :-/ I personally
> would be happy with that compromise.
> Next on the list is a change of infuson set. I love the design and
> comfort of the Tender so much that I am leaving this change till
> last. I've used the SofSets for a while, and found no scarring, but
> they were uncomfortable for me as I sleep on my stomach, and the
> sets get pulled out v. easily.
> Any more suggestions anyone would add to my list?
> John
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