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[IP] Trouble with diabetes

I am a diabetic by proxy...I am the mother of a child with diabetes...When
Lauren (at 10.5) was first diagnosed, we were encouraged to have Lauren
take care of herself, after all it was her disease.  The medical profession
seemed to promote independence.  "If we don't teach them how to deal with
it then what will they do when they grow up?"  I didn't agree with their
philosophy.  I didn't hold a baby til I had one...no one had me taking care
of babies at age 10 so I would know how to take care of one when I grew up.
 I didn't want Lauren to shoulder the burden of such an unrelenting

Even tho, I don't wear the pump, even tho I don't feel the high and low
bgs, even tho I can get away from the disease for day at a time... I still
grow very tired of it.....and can hardly comprehend a person walking thru
life alone with diabetes.  By its very nature, a person with diabetes needs
a strong and loving support system, even right down to changing the pump
for the person or taking the blood sugar readings or keeping the log.

Recently, I had a friend (Type 2) who started taking insulin.  Previously,
She had put herself thru law school and raised 2 children as a single
parent.  A very accomplished and responsible person.  Yet, when she faced
life with insulin, she nearly crumpled.  She felt awful, but she was
expected to do it all herself.  She often told me..."I need a Mommy"  Her
husband had no clue how difficult her transition to shots was.

Unfortunately, most of the readers on this list have diabetes (rather than
love a person with diabetes.)  But if you love someone with D, don't
hesitate to assume some of the burden of the care of diabetes....it is
possible.  And I think it makes a difference.  My observation is, the
better the positive, constructive support, the better the person with
diabetes fares.  Maybe it is just the love or maybe it is the support.

I hope it helps Lauren make it thru the years until the cure.  I know that
I could not go it alone, so I cannot expect her to.  I believe that she
feels less burden that those who are on MDI and taking care of themselves. 
 I will be beside her until she no longer needs me.  I'll keep you
updated...she is rapidly approaching 13!  And the rules, as she changes,
will change.  

Diane Massey

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