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Re: [IP] Trying a Silhouette :(

"Natalie A. Sera" wrote:
> I've been using SofSets, but yesterday, I decided to try a Silhouette,
> just to see -- and it's 24 hours later and the darn thing still hurts!
> :(
> I put it in at about a 30 degree angle -- I have enough subcutaneous fat
> to do that -- and there is no blood or anything around the hole -- so I
> just don't know whether I'm going to be able to use Silhouettes or not.
> I like the fact that they disconnect "on-site" rather than having the
> bulky connector thingie, but can't use them if they hurt!!!!

Natalie, I suspect you may ave nailed a nerve. ANY infusion set will hurt if you
do, or any shot for that matter. That's why I always put the very tip of the 
introducer needle into theskin before pushing it all the way in. If it
hurts or bleeds I pull it out and move over a bit. Saves a LOT of hastle!

Besides which, if I push it in and it hurts then I just remove the whole thing
immediately and go to a new site, usually in a different area, and try again.
Of course that MUST be BEFORE I pull the intrducer needle out of the base....
Also, if it only started hurting when you got it all the way in you may
have found muscle somehow.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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