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Re: [IP] Trouble admitting problems "doing" DM or hea

   Simply acknowledging what you've been doing, now gives you the "permission"
to discard those energy-sapping feelings of guilt & move forward....I recently
re-joined Weight Watchers (for about the hundredth time) because I finally
conceded that what I "thought" was "careful eating...was still careful
OVEReating, as far as calorie consumption. When Melissa's A1C was an all-time
high of 8.9 a year ago, her wise endo simply told her she needed to be more
attentive to what she could improve.  Knowing that she was under more stress
than usual with me getting chemotherapy, he elected NOT to compound the
situation with unnecessary lectures or guilt. The next A1C was also 8.8, but
this past December's was back down to a 6.9.  Bottom line - one day at a time,
or even one meal at a time, anyone coping with diabetes has goals to strive
towards. Some days are easier than others, some are just plain
impossible....but that's all they are: "DAYS".......One of the most helpful
psychological tools we used with Melissa early on was NOT to make a fuss over
excess sweets or a huge meal by reminding her that it was only ONE meal of the
21 she'd be eating that week. Took away any attendant guilt for all of us &
freed her from the impossible task of never being able to "deviate" in the
pre-pump days. Even nowadays, by me NOT "engaging" her when she's bemoaning
what she shouldn't have eaten, it makes her responsible for acknowledging that
feeling as lousy as she does is directly attributable to her choices. As a
result, despite being 16, she actually IS making healthier choices fairly

Regards, Renee (Melissa's increasingly obsolete pump-coach)
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