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Re: [IP] Trouble admitting problems "doing" DM or hearing about people having...

Suicide Thoughts yes, You try to do what your Doctor wants.  You try to buy
the needed meds eat the proper foods.  Than your hit with an insurance company
that will not deal or pay for items needed.  You'd be better off talking to a
brick.  Or if you have no insurance or a high copay you spend a lot of money
on your needs.  If you are living on a fixed income most people can't afford
to do this.  If they do its not all the time.  So if you only buy meds and
food, and don't pay any other bills.  You will be in deep finance trouble
fast.  So who winds?  Its a nasty circle and what are you going to do.  So yes
Suicide seams like a very good choice.  An end to the nasty circle.  I have
been there and still am there.  I have come to the conclusion that I will buy
my meds as I am able to and pay other bills as I can, if it means loosing my
home the Creditors can come and have it.  I'll just live in government
housing, You can only move down the financial chain so far before your are
bottom.  I am referring to not being able to afford a new car but having to
make due with a 7 - 10 yr old car in order to live.  It seams like inflation
is sending many things up in price except for needed medicines and supplies.
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