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[IP] Trouble admitting problems "doing" DM or hearing about people having problems?...WHY!!!?

When I read this item, the thing that came to my mind is my frustration that
I feel with my diabetes.  It seems everything ni my life is somehow related
or tied into my diabetes.  My husband is self-employed so the health
insurance I have is very expensive and very limited, basically just major
medical.  It seems every time we start to get to a point where we may be
able to afford things, we get more medical bills.  This to me is the most
frustrating.  The constantly being worried about getting supplies and being
told testing is "not necessary more than 2 times a day." by the insurance
company so they will only reimburse partially my test strips.  It is
horrible.  However, when I think of the alternative, I feel I am blessed and
just ploud onward.

Take care.


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