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Re: [IP] Trouble admitting problems "doing" DM or hearing about people having...

OK Jim, let's be philosophical.  I think everyone on this list is empathetic
to those having problems with DM, but where are we psychologically with DM?  I
am in the acceptance phase so I feel very badly for anyone suffering the
complications of D, but many are in the denial stage, that is, those things
won't happen to me so they don't want to think about it.  I understand this
because I was in that stage for about 10 years.  

Suicide--that's a heavy subject.  I guess I am not the suicidal type, but I
did engage in some very risky behavior when I was a teenager.  I often thought
that if I did die doing one of these things, it didn't really matter and in
fact I thought death would solve all my problems.  I call that my depression

I have had DM for 39 years and I have no illusions that this disease is bad,
very bad.  Anyone who says it isn't hasn't had it long enough or are in
denial.  I have been very lucky with few complications so far and I am a very
upbeat person (even if you can't tell from this post).  I consider myself much
happier than many people who are much healthier than I.  I accept the fact
that my death from D, if I don't die from something else sooner, will be
unpleasant, but I choose to enjoy every day and not think too far into the
future.  I am doing the best I can with D and that is all that I can do to
prevent complications.  We have very little control over this disease and how
it progresses.  I have seen several people die from complications that had
better control than I.  Diabetes is a progressive disease.  It affects every
tissue of the body.  Even with tight control on the pump, the tissue breakdown
continues.  If not sooner, then later, we will all develop some problems.  We
are just slowing the process.  This is why we need a cure or prevention NOW.  

However, in reality, how do I deal with everything day to day.  I enjoy life
very much and I think part of the reason is because I have D and know that I
won't feel this good forever.  
I think DM can be managed much better, but unfortunately, noone is asking for
my input.  I try to give it anyway.  

Many parents do not want to hear the bad news about D because they want to
stay positive for their children.  I understand this.  I would be the same.
We can't live in despair.  We have to be hopeful or life would be too
depressing.  In reality, D does not keep most of us from doing what we want.
I do think the children today will have longer and better lives because of the
advances that have been made.

I am doing kickboxing now and I love it.  They instruct you to pretend like
you are fighting 
an enemy.  My enemy is diabetes.  I have kicked and punched that sucker to my
total exhaustion.  It's a great release.  

Also Jim, I think there may be few responses to the mental problems with DM
because people are busy and want to just get on with their lives--not try to
analyze everything.  However, until they reach the acceptance stage, this task
of getting on with your life is more difficult.  

I am glad you asked the questions you did because we all need to put our
relationship with D in perspective.  It's a big part of our lives whether we
want to accept that fact or not. Thanks for your input.  ellen  
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