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Re: [IP] Trying a Silhouette :(

>I put it in at about a 30 degree angle -- I have enough subcutaneous fat
>to do that -- and there is no blood or anything around the hole -- so I
>just don't know whether I'm going to be able to use Silhouettes or not. 
>I like the fact that they disconnect "on-site" rather than having the
>bulky connector thingie, but can't use them if they hurt!!!!
>Any ideas? 


Several of us use a much shallower angle than the 30 degrees.  You might
try going shallower with the next one.  It shouldn't hurt like that.  I
honestly can't feel mine at all and have to grab hold of the tubing and
follow it like a tether to find where it goes into me.  I bet you've got
the cannula rubbing against some muscle.

Mary Jean

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