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[IP] DEX meter at the disco

Can you test your blood on a party boat to the light of the DJ's light show. I
tried to draw blood and saw a shadow on my finger when a light beam from the
sparkle ball passed by. The DEX meter is that easy. I open it and the strip is
there for me. I touch the blood to the end of the strip. And after thirty
seconds when a light beam illuminates the meter I see a test result. I didn't
go to the bathroom the whole night. I took it on my morning jog and tested my
blood every mile. It is so easy not needing to open a vial careful not to drip
sweat. No, I open it and the strip is there. I am utterly thrilled with the
product and I'm testing more often. I was looking forward to it but it
surpasses my expectations of convenience. This meter is perfect when my
preferences are considered. I hate the idea of portable notepad computers, the
Accucheck Complete. The only feature, of which there were many, that I used
was to review my last or last two BG test results. The DEX meter does that
automatically when turned on without scrolling through menus. Have you tried
to download the Accucheck meter results to print out graphs and such only to
have the software delete results that are within four hours of each other?
That is unacceptable. And worse than that is the LifeScan Fasttake with no
download capability. The DEX is more portable than the Fasttake and faster
when you consider the time of inserting a test strip. And have you tried to
put a drop of blood in the right place for the Fasttake meter? That can't be
done on a well lit boat. And there's no way to know if you missed. With the
DEX the strip is see through plastic. They truly thought of everything. I
wouldn't have known to ask for such a meter. Thanks Bayer.
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