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[IP] Re: Bathing suit question


You're right, clipping the pump to the suit for a while stretches it out in
that spot.
If you want to wear the sport pac, snip a (very) few threads in the seam of
the suit so that you can put the QR thru, leave most of the tubing under the
suit, adjust the sport pac right over the small opening in the suit.  Secure
the opening you've made in the suit with a couple well placed stitches.
Minimed (used to, probably still does, check with them) guarantees no water in
the sport pac for like a year.  (GLUB< GLUB!)  I think they mean INTERMITTENT
use!   I found it a lifesaver at my first waterpark experience, would not have
like to keep unhooking the QR and setting my $5000 pump around while I went on
a ride.

At the pool, I usually have the pump in a sportpac to protect it from banging
around in the bag, and drop it in a cool spot (cooler..not real cold) whenever
I want to actually go in the water.  

On the beach, would definitely protect my investment in a sportpac, put in a
cooler (lightly cooler) while I was in the water.  Maybe you want to just
bring the tubing under the leg of the suit and have one of those cute skirts,
shorts or sarongs to clip it to when not in the water, or wear the sport pac.
I've never minded the bulk myself (and I'm just shy of 5 feet).

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