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Carol wrote:
> I am also having problems with humalog and sites. I'm lucky if I
> can get myset to last 48 hours. I am also starting to wonder if
> my body itself has aproblem with humalog.

I'm experiencing a few problems which I'm trying to resolve at the 
moment. I'm lucky if I get 2 days from a site before the site says 
"change me". I used to get 4 or 5 days with straight Humalog, no 
trouble. I'm happy to change every 2 days, but the problem is that 
even then there is a slight scarring at the site which doesn't seem 
to heal for at least a few weeks. I'm otherwise in excellent health, 
and a quick "healer". There appears to be no infection - just an 
unwillingness to heal up and go away. 

Being logically inclined, I'm working through all the options in strict
order, one at a time: 1) Better site preparation 2) Insulin mix 3)
Straight Velosulin 4) Different infusion set 5) Change daily

This choice of order is bound up with how willing I am to change 
what I do.

I've reinstituted rigourous cleansing. Problem remains.

I started mixing H & V about 3 weeks ago. A generous 1 part 
Velosulin to 2 parts Humalog. Initially all my problems 
disappeared. Yippee! I thought. Then the problems came back last 
week. :-(

My next test is to go straight Velosulin. If that solves the problem 
(as I suspect it might), I could be facing a pump for my basal 
insulin, and a Humalog pen for my pre-meal shots. I'm an impulsive 
eater, and waiting 30 minutes is out of the question :-/ I personally 
would be happy with that compromise.

Next on the list is a change of infuson set. I love the design and 
comfort of the Tender so much that I am leaving this change till 
last. I've used the SofSets for a while, and found no scarring, but 
they were uncomfortable for me as I sleep on my stomach, and the 
sets get pulled out v. easily.

Any more suggestions anyone would add to my list? Or am I 
unrealistic in expecting my abdomen to look pristene after 18 
months of pump abuse?

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