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[IP] Insurance Problems

  When social medicine was mentioned for the US, most people were against
"socialism."  However, from what is happening now, we must work to get
government insurance for citizens.  When I read a post from young people
getting through with school that have preexisting and their problems getting
coverage, I cringe.  When my grandson turned 19 his parents (he's disabled)
had to take out a very expensive policy with preexisting prohibitions.  He
finally got on SS.
  It's just as bad for self-employed, and older (before 65) people.  I am on
Medicare HMO and getting excellent treatment and diabetes supplies.  Very
happy with plan, however, no laws exist to keep this policy the way it is.  I
saw on TV that my HMO is going to pay up to $1,500 for prescription drugs and
the rest will be up to the individual.  I don't know if my pump supplies and
insulin, etc., are considered prescription drugs.  If I have to pay for pump
supplies, I am in deep trouble.  However, I'm in better shape than younger
people as far as coverage.  Not secure though.  HMO's go out of business in
certain areas that are not profitable and patients are left with bare Medicare
and no supplement.  This is a very serious situation, when you're sick you
can't get coverage.  Health care should not be a privilege but a right.
  Thanks for letting me vent.
PS Something also should be done about the cost of drugs and supplies.
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