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RE: [IP] bathing suit suggestions?

> With a beach trip planned at Easter and a Caribbean vacation planned for
> early May,  I wonder if anyone has ideas for how to wear the pump in a
> bathing suit.  I don't have a "2-piece body" anymore, and I wonder if the
> clip won't snag or stretch the swimsuit material.    Any ideas??

Well Patti:

I am a man, and to be honest when I was using a Minimed pump, I just wore it
as is, I removed it to swim and placed it in a zip lock bag and when I got
out of the water I replaced it and bolused 1/2 - 1/4 of what I missed.

>  I sure don't want to go to those blouson/overskirt type of suits -- I'm
> enough still to not want to look dowdy!   Also, any suggestions for how to
> wear the sport case -- that might make it even more difficult to deal with
> since that makes the pump even more bulky!     Since I'm a real beach nut,
> I'll appreciate any and all suggestions!

I never used the sports case, but it might not be a bad idea as I had a pump
fail due to sand getting in the lead screw mechanism.


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