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[IP] Met Another Pumper Today

On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Jennifer Leigh Jordan wrote:
> So I whispered, "Is that a pump?" so if it wasn't she wouldn't be thinking
> "What?". She said yes. And I said "an insulin pump". So I officially met my
> first fellow pumper today. She whispered to me, "Oh, there is this great
> newsgroup I'll tell you about at the break." I said, "Insulin-pumpers.org."
So ya didn't tell us who it was. I'm dying to know.       

It was me.  It must have been fate that we met because the computer class was
delayed because the software was not loaded.  As a gesture of good will, the
company bought pizza for everyone. When I got back to the class, I was adding
some more insulin for that last piece of pizza I had when Jennifer heard the
pump.  It's a small world!  It's nice to meet another pumper--especially
another member on this list.

Meshell Lavina
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