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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #868

I have been on this list for about a month now, and have found it to be quite helpful.
Before I started pumping, I knew NO ONE on a pump and was very hesitant to try, in fact
it took me over a year to start after the purchase.  I always had an excuse...surgery,
no time, vacation...on and on...but little did I realize that the pump would have made
these "problems" more manageable.
About where to place the pump...I guess when God made me a "woman"  he gave me the
breasts to assure me of the fact.. therefore; I have a nice nesting place for my pump.
.I put my pump in my bra either between or under the breasts...it never shows thru the
clothes and I tell everyone that I like it so well that I carry it close to my heart.
:)   ...and truly I do "love" my pump.  It has made a difference in the quality of my
life in the past month.


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