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[IP] Re: Where do you put the pump with dresses?

1.  For the dresses you already have, consider the thigh thing, I know many
hate it but it works for me.  I don't care for it compared to other options
but sometimes it the best.  Don't choose it for going thru airport security
because sure as shooting, that'll be the one time you set it off.  Imagine
pulling it down with an audience and no music!

2.  Dresses with belts...it takes no time to pull a few stitches out and have
a small hole in a seam big enough to tun the qr through.

3.  Dresses with pockets...again I pull a few stitches out of the seam HIGH in
the pocket and slip the qr through it.

4.  Dresses with no pockets or belts.  Well. you can consider the thigh thing
again.  You could pull enough of a seam to put a pocket on the inside.  I've
never done it but some styles would lend itself well to it.  If the top is
REALLY blouson and the material is thick, my modest chest can get away with
clipping the pump to the center of my bra if the band between the cups is
narrow enough.

To be honest, I find myself paying attention now as I shop as to how easy the
pump will be to fit with the outfit.  If we were still with the Navy and doing
the ballgown stuff, I suppose I might even consider using a shot of velosolin
to "tide" me over a short break if I wanted a slinky and pump impossible dress
and still had the pre baby bod to wear it.  

Hope this helps.    Linda
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