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Re: [IP] Being a diabetic mom

Hi Jenny

Hmmmm ... I think you got me because I may have responded to somebody else
about DM and being a mom. Heck, this list is so extensive I don't remember
what I've done or what I've read. LOL

But, about taking care of yourself: In my situation, I inherited my
grandchildren (after I thought I had my child raised and was "free"). They are
5 and 7 and I am 50. My husband is 54. He's a university professor and I'm the
editor of a business journal -- complete with regular deadlines, having to
fill in when the writers and phtographers (all freelancers) decide at the last
minute they really don't have time to do that assingment, etc.

In other words, neither of us have jobs that end when the hands on the clock
point to a certain time. The jobs are on-going, they're stressful and, with
the children's arrival in December, have added getting them to pre-school
first grade, gymnastics, dance classes, etc., to our schedules. Oh, yeah --
the schools they go to aren't convenient for us, but we kept them in their old
places so they could maintain some continuity. And, of course, the children
have been traumatized by the disruption in their lives.

Haven't really figured this all out yet. We're just getting to the point where
we can find a sitter. We've only managed three evenings out by ourselves in
the past three months. Where we sat in a restaurant and yawned at each other.

I've just figured out that I can get some exercise by going to the fitness
center while David is in gymnastics and while Callie is in dance class. And I
take them roller skating (I join in) on Saturday afternoons.

Didn't mean to "dump" on you. Just feeling overwhelmed at the moment. Have a
paper going out this week and just about *everybody* is late getting copy in.
Which means I can't assign photos and will have to take them myself. While
writing articles myself to fill in for a writer who's sick, one who had a
death in the family, etc.

Tell me it gets better. I'm new at this parenthood thing (again).


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