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[IP] Being a diabetic mom

Hi Jan,

I have 2 kids, a son, aged 10, and a daughter, aged 17 mos. I had my son
when I was on MDI and my daughter with a pump. I definitely prefer the
latter, but that goes for life in general, too. :-)

I, too, find it really hard to take the time to care for myself, especially
with a baby. Things are getting easier now my daughter's getting older, but
there were days when she was tiny that I only checked my BGs once. That's
absolutely unheard of for me (or at least me in the last 15 years).

I think a lot of times it's simply a case of taking (or making) the time,
making yourself a priority--or at least trying to do that. I also try to
look at it as not just doing something for me, but taking care of myself
for my kids, so they can have a healthy mom.

I was so obsessive/compulsive about keeping my BGs in the normal range when
I was pregnant. It amazes me how motivated I was to do it for my child, but
I still find it hard to do for myself. The pump is definitely the best,
though. My A1cs are still in the normal range, even when I'm not being


(Type I, 26 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
email @ redacted

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