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Re: [IP]?? ketones-diets and more...

Fran Baumgartner wrote:
>  The
> ketones are running from small to moderate.  My blood sugars are perfect.  So, I
> am so confused.  If I eat more carbo's and have higher bs problems than no
> ketones, if I eat few carbo's than great blood sugars but ketones.  I just don't
> know what to do.  Am I hurting myself by running these ketones?  It is poison
> running through my system, right?  Any suggestions, recommendations would 
> be greatly appreciated.  And, yes I am trying to lose weight too.   Not coming 
> off real fast.

The ketones are forming because you are not eating enough carbs to
supply your body's energy needs. The ketones are being formed from the
fats you're eating, your own body fat and possibly from the proteins and
your own muscle. However, if your BGs are good, you're getting enough
insulin for your basal needs.

You might consider adding a few more carbs back into your diet -- the
problem with ketones in a Type 1 is that it can be hard to tell whether
they're from a simple lack of carbs or from a slight lack of insulin --
although if there was a serious lack of insulin, your BGs would be high. 

It's a tightrope you're walking, and you really need to be careful.
Small ketones are not going to hurt you, but it's too easy to get
knocked off the rope on the side of ketoacidosis if you happen to get an
infection or get stressed. 

Hang in there, and good luck! 

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