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Re: [IP] Site problem

Kenneth L. Bernstein wrote:
> I have had some site problems as well.  I would say one out of three
> create at least a red bump and I have had two site infections with the
> soft sets and humalog in 1.5 years.

How big are the red bumps?   I've gotten a TINY little red dot when I
take the set out, but that's all. I don't THINK it's an infection,
because it doesn't hurt, itch or anything, and it starts to go away in a
couple of days. 

Last time I changed the set, I had some bleeding -- one or two drop, but
again, it didn't seem infected -- I rubbed it with antibiotic ointment,
and it seems to be 
healing up just fine. 

Does this seem normal? 
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