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Ruth Elowitz wrote:
> I've tried it twice and it caused me all the same old problems I always had
> getting regular to last.  Before you take that too seriously, I should add that I
> always had trouble pumping regular (both the old pork and the new humulin kinds)
> and that the invention of velosulin was the godsend of my 20s!  I have read and
> heard others report no problems so this seems to be variable (Ted, were you a "no
> problem" person?  I've forgotten who).  

Yup, that's me. Maybe I just found it better to use Lilly products in all cases 
when I lived in Indianapolis....... self-defense, as it were?<G>

Interestingly, among the annecdotes I've
> heard over the years, it seems like men have fewer problems with this than women
> and people over 15 less than those under, those over 20 less, etc...  that is not
> scientific.  It's just every time I hear a comment it seems to add to that
> impression.  Could be wrong on that last one though.

Don't know, but may be true. Reminds me of what we heard in chemical safety
at work, women seem to have a lot more trouble from chemicals they use (cleaners 
and household products) than men do, BUT, they added, no company selling to the
actually pouts the same warninngs on as industry does... Quite beside the point
you were making, of course, just free-associating all over my keyboard.

Ted Quick
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