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[IP] : Where do you put the pump with dresses?


First you have the easy choices....hook it on waistband if wearing pants,
skirts, or shorts, or use the waist thing or thigh thing which most people
think is useless, or hook it in the middle of your bra, if you are so well
endowed it doesnt show. or you can pin a baby sock to your bra and hangs down
under your bra, or you can hook it to stockings under a waistband-less dress.
but this is hte sock thing are both difficult to get to.  Though ,i must say,
I have had no problem unhooking hte pump from my nylons, slithering it  down
my leg doing a bolus and sliding it back up during a business meeting...no one
even noticed

If you dont mind sewing, or seam ripping,  you can cut a tiny whole in the
seam of your pocket and, using the silhouette or tender, disconnect, thread
the tubing from the outside to the inside, then keep the pump in your pocket.
If your dress doenst have apocket - this is where your seamstress skills, or
your willingness to pay a tailor come in handy.  pockets are easy to add
though if you want to go to this much trouble

In my photo on IP i am carrying the pump in my sleeve for not only was there
no pocket, the dress was wayyyyyy too tight to hook to my bra or nylons <VBG>

One of the kids on here wears one of those Calvin Klein body slimmers and
attaches the pump to that with a safety pin, but I don't do this as I dont
want any more layers under whatever I am wearing...some of our younger, devil
may care rebels (KAYLA - where are ya baby!!!!) carry them around in their
drawers, though i must say this is usually harder to do if you aren't 5 and
running off to bed...though I do hook my "porta-pancreas" to mu undies since I
sleep in a tshirt or nothing...yes - i risk the toilet tumble - but you new
pumpers don't know about the older, plastic clips that they used ot use on the
MM - what a waste...they'd stretch out if you used them on jeans - unlike the
cool beeper-style slip we have now! (note to older MM pumpers - if you still
have this kind of clip - call em - they ought to send you one free)

But at the end of the day, Jennifer, you will eventually get over trying to
"hide" it and will accept the "odd square bulge" for what it is!  Honestly,
most people dont even notice when I wear it on my waistband...it looks like a
pager...when i fiddle with it, people ask me if i got a page....nahh, I tell
them, adjusting my sloe gin drip...

good luck

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