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This may or may not be the humalog.  We seen to have variable evidence about
how long humalog lasts but can certainly put it in a plastic minimed syringe
and it will always remain potent for a week and often more.  Factors like
heat and possibly (again, I'm not clear we know about this one) and hot tubs
or baths may have some deteriorating effect and probably speed up the loss
of potency.  It is possible that shipping caused a loss of potency but
probably not a whole lot and, while it does happen, it is unusual.  But,  we
do know that the sites deteriorate.

The shift in time frame you've experienced suggests to me that your site is
probably loosing its effectiveness.  The test is to fill a new infusion set
with insulin from the same syringe and start a new site.  Site time with
humalog apprears to be variable and to sometimes decrease for some people
over time.  Ranges we've heard about here include people whose sites
deteriate in less than 24 hours to people who can go as long as 6-7.  Most
people don't seem to be able to sustain humalog for many sites (over a year
or two of site changes) for longer than 5 days at a stretch.  Mixing
velosulin and humalog definately offsets this problem.  Velosulin lasts the
longest both in and out of your body.

Raleigh Greene wrote:

> I am having problems now with Humalog insulin losing its potency.
> I use to get 7 days on a full glass cartridge 315 IU,but Humalog
> stops working completely on the sixth day. My blood sugar will stay high
> 300 no matter how much I bolus to bring it down. The insulin site will
> be fine using the rapid metal needle.I have pulled needle from site
> and insulin flows freely so no problem with infusion set. I called my
> pump supplier,and I was told that I was not alone with this loss of
> potency problem.
>    I take a fresh cartridge from fridge and reload,then I go back to
> normal blood sugars.
>    I called LILLY today and I was told that Humalog is not yet approved
> for insulin pump but still going through some final studies. I did give
> LILLY the batch control number from bottle of Humalog. I was told that
> it was possible that the Humalog could have been left out of fridge
> by shipping-freight carrier or pharmacy.
>    I just want every insulin pump user to look out for this
> potency problem. I'll hate to change the insulin cartridge to a
> fresh one from fridge every three days. I just want Humalog to hold
> its potency for 7 days. My costs on supplies and insulin will go up
> if I cannot trust Humalog. I might try Velosulin if this problem
> keeps happening.
> Raleigh ( will be pumping 1 yr. March 17th )
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