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On 12 Mar 99 at 9:58, email @ redacted wrote:

> The Eli Lilly Company may be changing its tune soon.  Humalog in an insulin
> pen is becoming available.  If approval for its use in an insulin pen is
> indeed approved, the lis-pro insulin must be stable at room temperature.

Soon?  I was using this almost 2 years ago... Humalog in the cartridges to fit 
a Novolin Pen was available soon after Humalog was on the shelves...  It 
apparently caused a reaction from Squibb-Novo because a couple of days after it 
came on the market I got a letter from Squibb-Novo informing users of the pen 
products that use of Lilly's Humalog in their pen products would void the 
warranty...  Almost everyone I knew that was using a pen device switched to 
Humalog in a period of about a month... 

Randall P. Winchester
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